I never liked to write about myself.
yes, thats me – side by side with Jessica the Hipo, at the afternoon tea. As a profession – Im an anthropologist of culture, specialisation – african cultures. Journalism and photography are my passion.

Why photography?

From the simple reason – I have a head full of images that I could not translate on paper with paint or pencil. But I’m able to take a photo – of my imagine picture. I love Africa, animals and traveling. And the thing, creatures, places I love are natural to photography.

Staged photography – people and items – this is a challenge for me.

and I do like challanges!

I would like to invite all of you into my world – full of emotion, full of colorfull light and nostalgic black-and-white with the noise of the waterfall, birdsongs, laughter of children, the roar of a lion and the clatter of the horses’ hooves.